New ‘Spider-Man’ Trailer Turns On The Dark

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05.04.12 6 Comments

This was necessary.

Sony released a new, darker trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man last night, although they still included some classic Spider-Man snark amid the grittiness. (“You found my weakness. It’s small knives.”) Even though rumor has it Sony execs hated the movie, I still want to see it.

On the other hand, there’s another rumor about the movie we’re not so happy about. BadassDigest reports three separate sources have told them Spider-Man’s origin has been changed. BadassDigest decided to publish the rumor since this trailer hints strongly at it with lines like, “Do you think what happened to you, Peter, was an accident? Do you have any idea what you really are?”

The spider bite no longer gives Peter powers, it rather activates something already in his genetic structure. Something placed there by his father. Peter Parker is no longer super-powered by chance, but rather by design. [BadassDigest]

Argh. Hopefully, that’s not true. Part of what’s great about Spider-Man is that he got his powers in a way anybody could, then used intelligence, integrity, and hard work to become a hero with those powers. Also, the trailer hints that he might not even be an orphan. (“My parents left when I was very young.”) I also hope that isn’t true. Screenwriters should already know that young comic fans love dead parents and regular people getting superpowers. Who can’t aspire to that? Um . . . I also hope my parents don’t read this site.

Check out the new trailer and some pictures and posters below.

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