New Trailer For The Last Airbender

Entertainment Editor
04.26.10 9 Comments

Kids these days and their rock music and glowing forehead arrows.

Another day, another Airbender trailer, and it looks pretty damn awesome.  If it turns out trees are killing people in this, I’m going to be super disappointed.  Don’t think I’ve forgotten that one, M. Night Shyamoulinrouge, if that is your real name.

Anyway, if there was any doubt they were going to convert scenes into 3D after they were already shot (Fuuuuuu-), there’s even a note at the end that says, “In 3D”.  Great, a movie that actually makes sense to be 3D and they try to do a post-production conversion on it.  How about saving the 3D for the next two movies and leave the first how it was shot?  I don’t need to see Dev Patel bend fire in 3D.  Well, okay, I kinda do need to see Dev Patel bend fire in 3D, if you know what I’m sayin’, but I can wait till the second movie.

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