Nimoy Rocks a Pornstache and a Proto-DVD Player?

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07.15.11 10 Comments

It’s a little known fact, but nonetheless true: Leonard Nimoy is the wielder of one of the Pornstaches of Legend. Along with Charles Bronson, Stacy Keach, and Gary Oldman, he rides with his pornstache to fight evil, or at least did in the ’80s. It also scored him epic tail: photo evidence at right. That’s the smile of a man who knows he’s going to be in a threesome.

Anyway, we mention Nimoy’s facial lady magnet not because we enjoy talking about pornstaches (although we do). We mention it because recently, a promo video Nimoy would rather forget (just like Shatner’s soliloquy on the computer is something he’s buried deep in his resume, next to “Incubus”) has recently gone viral on the Internet, and it behooves us to help spread this sexual chocolate far and wide. Plus, it’s very much 1981 in a nutshell. Check it out below.

[ via the ‘stache riders at BestWeekEver,tv ]

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