Nintendo Announces The Mini-NES, Which Is Adorable And We Must Have It

07.14.16 2 years ago 22 Comments

Apparently not content with having their stock go up only 64 percent in the week since Pokemon Go became a massive success, Nintendo is finding another way to tap into our nostalgia and get us handing over small bundles of cash. Today Nintendo announced the Mini-NES, a miniaturized replica of the NES — look how cute it is — which comes with a classic controller, an HDMI cable, a USB cable (but no USB-to-AC adapter), and is preloaded with 30 classic games.

A second controller can be purchased separately. We don’t know the cost of the second controller, but the system itself with one controller will cost $59.99 and hit stores on November 11, just in time for me to not get it for Christmas and be disappointed.

Here are the 30 games it comes with:

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