The Delay Of ‘No Man’s Sky’ Resulted In Death Threats For The Creator

Since its announcement in 2013, No Mans Sky has been one of the most anticipated new properties in gaming. The unprecedented procedural universe lauded by Hello Games to contain 18 quintillion planets, each of which can be named by the player who discovers it, along with the flora and fauna. The game is a combination of Minecraft, Star Citizen and something no gamer has ever heard of, so needless to say, passions are high.

So high, that when Hello Games announced that No Man’s Sky would be delayed for just under two months, death threats rolled in. Death threats.

Yes, gamers are so excited for No Man’s Sky, they would rather kill the creator than have a completed game. Even gaming journalists received death threats for breaking the news:

Surprisingly (and sadly) game creators getting death threats aren’t anything new. Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima received an influx of death threats when he initially was slated to sit out the development of Metal Gear Solid 4. The calls for his head poured in, so he gave in and made a really good game that the people who wanted to kill him paid sixty bucks for. Weird.

I wonder what the end game (no pun intended) for the people that actually want to take the life of the man whose game they so desperately want to play is. If they were so disappointed at the extra polishing the game will receive over the next two months, thus making it a better game, how disappointed would they be when they wouldn’t play the game, or any future games from Hello Games when they killed the creator.

It makes no sense.

(Via Polygon)