Massive Space Exploration Game ‘No Man’s Sky’ Is Finally Finished And Has A Solid Release Date

No Man’s Sky is an ambitious project. The game boasts a procedural galaxy filled with 18 quintillion (yes, quintillion) unique planets, each of which can, theoretically, be visited and explored by players. The game is promising so much, a lot of people just sort of assumed it would never actually come out, an assumption seemingly backed up by months of vague release dates and delays. Well, good news! You can finally put your fears to rest, because No Man’s Sky now has a rock-solid release date. Hopefully all the jerks sending death threats over the game’s last delay are satisfied.

On Thursday, No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games announced the game had finally gone gold with the following tweet…

A game going gold means it’s completely finished and been sent off to be printed on discs. In other words, barring some catastrophe, there won’t be any more delays.

So yeah, this is actually happening. Who out there is excited to explore the galaxy? Amazon customers recently voted No Man’s Sky the most anticipated game of 2016, so I know there’s more than a few of you. No Man’s Sky lands on PC and PS4 Aug. 9.

(Via VG 24/7)