The Creators Of ‘No Man’s Sky’ Reveal The Goal Of The Game In A New Making-Of Video

06.27.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

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No Man’s Sky sounds and looks impressive, no doubt about it. The game is promising an entire procedurally generated universe where every player gets their own unique planet. That’s awesome, but what’s the minute-to-minute gameplay like? What’s your goal in No Man’s Sky? Is there even a goal?

Well, in a new making-of video, No Man’s Sky mastermind Sean Murray assures gamers that the title isn’t just an empty canvas

“There is a lore to the universe. It has a personality. It isn’t just some ambient utopia, you’re always in danger. Everyone starts on a different planet on the outside edge of the galaxy, and for most people they will try to make the journey to the center the galaxy, and there’s a reason why you would want to do that.”

Check out the story of how No Man’s Sky came to be below…

Hopefully these guys have an office on the second floor now, because I won’t put up with any more delays — I want this game now.

Via Eurogamer

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