No Objection Here — Ace Attorney 5 Is Happening And Yes, It’s Coming To North America

09.06.12 6 years ago

One of the best things to happen to the original DS were the Ace Attorney games. These wacky Japanese adventure games starred Phoenix Wright, the world’s greatest (and shoutiest) attorney, and were generally pretty awesome.

Unfortunately towards the end of the DS’ lifespan the series sort of fell off the tracks. Capcom tried to introduce a new, lamer, main character Apollo Justice, then switched their focus to a spin-off series starring Phoenix Wright’s friendly rival Miles Edgeworth. The second Edgeworth-starring game wasn’t even localized. The Ace Attorney series seemed to be in peril.

So, it’s with great relief that I report that a fifth Ace Attorney game is happening on the 3DS, it’s going to star Phoenix Wright (and a sassy new female sidekick) and it’s coming to North America. Hit the jump for a bunch of screenshots and art from the new game…

via GoNintendo

To hell with you Apollo Justice — Wright’s back.

Oooo, new 3D courtroom.

Wright’s looking good in 3D too.

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