Is Norman Reedus Starring In Hideo Kojima’s Next Game?

One of the many tragedies of Konami collapsing into a corporate police state is that we never got to see Silent Hills, the collaboration between master game developer Hideo Kojima, director Guillermo Del Toro, and Norman Reedus. But it seems like Reedus and Kojima, at least, kept working together.

It’s a circumstantial case laid out by GamesRadar, but it’s a compelling one. It all starts with the latest image released by Kojima for his upcoming PlayStation exclusive game. Kojima has been slowly teasing a new character with his logo, then a more detailed profile view, and now, well, see for yourself:

Aside from that ill-considered tagline, we learn from this shot that the “skull” in the helmet is just another mask, and there’s a face behind that mask. Fans are arguing, and it’s a bit hard to disagree, that it looks like Norman Reedus is under that skull mask. A Twitter user put together a quick visual timeline of images posted by Kojima this year that would seem to reinforce the point.

Frankly, it lines up. Reedus and Kojima have been hanging out, and Reedus seemed excited to work on a game with Kojima. And Kojima essentially has a fortune to play with from Sony, who would likely want a “name” actor tied to a project that’s still a bit risky. It seems likely we’ll find out just what’s going on next week at E3.

(Via GamesRadar)