Now That’s a Business Card

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05.26.10 4 Comments

Ramiro Pareja Veredas, a telecommunications engineer from Spain, created this PCB business card to set himself apart from other job seekers.  The best part?  My God, it even has a watermark It’s also a USB flash drive that houses his resume, cover letter, portfolio, etc. It holds 64 KB but could be upgraded with a flash memory chip (up to 32 MB) if he needs to attach more files (e.g. project documentation).  And just look at the tasteful thickness of it.  Here are the full technical specs:

  • 16 bits microcontroller PIC 24FJ64GB002  @ 32 MHz (16 MIPS)
  • 64 KB of Flash and 8KB of RAM. External SPI or I2C memory optional (up to 32MB)
  • Up to 11 digital I/Os available (Four of them tolerant to 5 volts)
  • Up to 4 analog channels.
  • ICSP port for debugging and programming. The 3 pins can be also used as GP I/Os.

This card has more processing power than the computer that took Apollo 11 to the moon. Veredas estimates the cost to build each of these cards (if bought in bulk) is around 3.5€ (U.S. ~$4.25) or 5€ each in smaller lots.  So it’s pretty much the same cost as this business card but 100% less douche-chilly.


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