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The University of Mississippi (“Ole Miss”) retired their old mascot in 2003 due to its slavery connotations.  Now the students are voting on a new mascot for their Rebels.  Some students are campaigning through Twitter and Facebook to make Admiral “GQ m-f-er” Ackbar from Star Wars the mascot.

Like the residents of Mississippi, he has gills and wears a uniform at all times. Like the residents of Mississippi, he likes alcohol to excess and has relatives who can’t read. Like Mississippi, he has had an ugly personal experience with the issue of slavery, having been enslaved with the rest of his people when his home planet of Mon Calimari* was invaded by the Empire. Finally, and most importantly, HE’S A LEADER OF REBELS. [Spencer Hall via Geekosystem]

Will Admiral Ackbar become the mascot for The University of Mississippi?  No.  George Lucas would end them.  He could buy Mississippi and turn it into a wildlife refuge for his cloned dinosaurs (yes he has them).  On the other hand, there’s nothing stopping them from having a “squid-looking military dude who is very concerned about traps” as a mascot.  Fleet Admiral Achoo, you could call him.  He outranks Ackbar.

[Thanks to Geekosystem for the tip.]

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