Oscar Isaac Doesn’t Mince Words About The Video Game He Was Fired From

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12.09.15 8 Comments


Oscar Isaac, who’s playing Rebel Alliance pilot Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, gave a great interview to Birth.Movies.Death. He said some interesting things about Star Wars, including that his character absolutely believes in The Force and is “almost recklessly” committed to The Resistance. He also told a cool anecdote about his character being written as being from Yavin after Isaac suggested it; the medal ceremony scene in Yavin was shot in Guatemala, where Isaac was born, so he made the suggestion as a fun inside reference that later became reality.

But the funniest part of the interview is when Isaac talks about voicing Dameron in the Disney Infinity video game. Turns out, he almost made the final cut in another video game, and he doesn’t mince words about what he thinks of that project.

“I had done a video game before, but I got fired off it.”

How come?

“I think they just thought I was bad. It was such a sh*tty game, though. Dante’s Inferno.”

That is a really bad game.


You dodged a bullet there.

“I had no choice. It was a Force dodge.”

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