Our Eight Favorite Statues On The Comic-Con 2013 Floor

Everybody knows San Diego Comic-Con has panels full of celebrities and stuff, but it also has a show floor that quite a few companies spend a ridiculous amount of money on in order to impress nerds like us. And we have to say, it’s working.

Courtesy of a few Flickr users, here’s a look at our ten favorite pieces of the big stuff on the floor: The Lego builds, the statues, and the costumes.

Lego actually will turn up a lot on here: They really pulled out all the stops, especially since they have a movie to promote.

Sometimes, you just need a gigantic Sonic. Although we wish this reflected some of the weirder power-ups in his upcoming game.

Perhaps not the most popular show, but kudos to A&E for rolling out something this cool; who doesn’t want a Bates Motel neon sign? Just us? We’re weird? Really?

OK, so Lego Yoda is a gimme. It’s still awesome.

Yes, that’s He-Man looking a lot like King Randor. At least the dude is covering up a bit more. He-Man found shame! Finally!

We admit it, we picked this photo almost entirely because this looks exactly like the statue is tucking a tiny person with no shins into his armpit. Put the smell of Hobbiton under your arms!

Of course there’s a gigantic Twilight Sparkle at San Diego Comic-Con.

Either it’s a slightly blurry shot, or there is a robot running around the convention center punching random nerds.

Our money’s on the latter.

Got any finds? Point us to them in the comments!