Guillermo Del Toro Claims ‘Pacific Rim 2’ Isn’t Dead Yet

A couple of days ago, it was revealed that Guillermo del Toro was looking at Fantastic Voyage, which is still not a remake of the Coolio video, and that Pacific Rim 2 was “shelved.” Del Toro, though, doesn’t want fans to give up hope.

Word finally came to del Toro about the statement, possibly because an army of fans dressed as Jaegers walked by his house playing a solemn dirge. His reply?

That would seem to indicate that while he won’t be directing the sequel, he’ll be producing it or otherwise involved. And del Toro is an experienced producer, as well as a director, so if he’s handing off his baby, he’s handing it off to somebody he trusts to deliver the kind of robot-on-monster violence the original was known for.

That said, however, it also doesn’t mean it’s going to start shooting any time soon. Legendary already has a whole string of giant monster movies to produce, and rumor has it this is a major problem with Pacific Rim 2. If that weren’t enough, del Toro is notorious for letting projects sit for years; Crimson Peak was on a shelf for nearly a decade before it got produced.

So, there’s still interest in Pacific Rim 2. Just don’t expect to see it until del Toro is good and ready, and possibly after Kong has made a bunch of money at the box office, as well.

(Via Twitter)

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