‘Pacific Rim’ Crew Talk Robots, Name-Check Classic Anime

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06.17.13 7 Comments


Hey, so Superman made a lot of money last weekend. And the movie is doing pretty well. Still, we’re pretty sure Warner Bros. big summer hit is going to be Pacific Rim, mostly because they keep putting out featurettes like this.

Assuming that somehow we’re not all hyped up to see a movie about gigantic monsters and robots beating the crap out of each other, Warner Bros. released this featurette about designing the robots. Among other things, Guillermo Del Toro name-checks some old-school anime, and that Idris Elba is still officially winning the summer for the least subtly named character of all time, Stacker Pentecost:

Really, this should have just been four minutes of robots punching monsters, but there’s plenty of that. Particularly of interest, though, is how Del Toro insisting on avoiding including any overt references to kaiju movies or mecha anime: He wanted each robot to be their own design.

A key question, however, remains unanswered: Will the action figure we inevitably pretend to buy for a nonexistent nephew come with rocket fist action?

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