Harley Quinn Co-Creator Paul Dini Has High Hopes For Margot Robbie’s Future DC Comics Movies

The reviews for Suicide Squad have been mixed at best since the film was released. Plenty seem to love the film and had a great time, while the majority seem to think it is a muddle garbage heap of confusion. You can likely find that quote on Rotten Tomatoes somewhere, if the site is still around.

But one thing most agree on is the greatness of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Her character is a standout, even if there are some that say her treatment in the film is problematic. One who really enjoys the performance is Harley Quinn co-creator Paul Dini, the mastermind behind some of the best Batman tales out there. He sat down for a second time on the Shanlian On Batman podcast, following up his initial thoughts on Robbie with a quasi postmoderm on Suicide Squad.

Dini’s thoughts on Harley were only a part of the podcast, but stand out given his thoughts on the future of her character in other films. He also heaps a lot of praise onto Jared Leto’s short look as The Joker, noting that he thought Leto was originally the villain of the film (he’s not alone in that thought). There’s also a bit about how close Joker and Harley’s relationship is to the original animated versions. For Dini, there’s a good base established in Suicide Squad that could lead to a deeper exploration in later films. We have the love and honeymoon established, leading to a possible turn down the darker side later. As Dini notes, Joker is far from the best boyfriend out there.

There’s also a good portion of the interview devoted to talking about Dini’s Dark Night: A True Batman Story, including the interesting note praising Kevin Smith for his note against his daughter’s trolls. Dini uses it to show how Smith told him that the events portrayed in the book would’ve shaken him to the core, something that is surprising given Smith’s outspoken and “fearless” nature.

Definitely worth a listen if you have the time, giving some background on the future of the DC Comics films and the possibilities there.

(Via Shanlian On Batman)