“Paul Is Undead” Writer To Exploit the Corpse of Elvis Next

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We’ve already told you about Alan Goldsher’s creatively bankrupt attempt to cash in on both the Beatles and zombies, and apparently the novel is good enough, or at least marketable enough, to merit a rehashing of the idea before anybody else can get to it.

Hence, “Frankenstein Has Left The Building”, which decides to combine everybody’s favorite Bruce Campbell character with Mary Shelley’s one novel of note.

This would actually be interesting if Goldsher is really going to do what he says, namely, rewriting Shelley’s book as if it were taking place in the 1960s and the Frankenstein’s monster happened to be Elvis. This is because the original novel is, to put it mildly, utterly insane. As in, “subplot involving Turkish princesses” insane. So, unlike the hipster mess that “Paul is Undead” comes off as being (ninjas, Mr. Goldsher? Seriously? You want to work some pirates in there too?), this might actually be good. We’ll keep you posted.

[ via io9 ]

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