Pay Thousands to Play SNES Again

06.10.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

Who doesn’t fondly remember the Super Nintendo? Aside from all those suckers who bought a Genesis, of course. At least one of you guys managed to get a sweet guitar body out of the deal. Have fun playing “Street Fighter II” with only three buttons! (Fun fact: to switch between punches and kicks on the three-button Genesis controller, you had to press select. Nice job, Capcom.)

Anyway, some people remember it more fondly than others, and some people also have far too much money. So they do things like install SNES emulators on their jailbroken iPad, and make their jailbroken iPhone a controller. Just doing some quick math here: the iPad costs, at minimum, $500. The iPhone without a contract costs about $700. You’ll need at least one more iPhone to play with friends, and three more to play “Super Mario Kart” properly. So, total, you’re spending at least $1200 and if all your friends have some crappy Samsung “smart” phone, $3300.

You know what the SNES cost when it came out? Even factoring in inflation? $309. Ahhhh, progress. Video of this progress under the jump:

[ via Engadget ]

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