Gif Reactions To Peter Jackson’s Offer To Make A ‘Doctor Who’ Episode

New Zealand’s The Waikato Times interviewed The Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith recently. Smith made an off-hand comment about how it would be great to shoot an episode of Doctor Who in New Zealand and enlist Peter Jackson as the director (because he’s totally not busy). The Waikato Times contacted Peter Jackson for a comment, which was easy to do since everybody in New Zealand knows each other and had the same third grade teacher [citation needed].

That’s when it gets all mind-explodey. Peter Jackson commented, “I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, and I think Matt’s fantastic. Just name a time and place, and I’ll be there!”

Sweet Jesus. That could be insanely weird. Before Peter Jackson was filming all things Middle Earth, he made films like Dead Alive, Bad Taste, Heavenly Creatures, and Meet the Feebles. Boing Boing sums it up well:

It’s Jackson’s sense of humor and demented whimsy that would make his episode of Doctor Who the most fun thing on TV. Jackson will freak us out, make us uncomfortable, and then break the tension with something truly unexpected (a walrus getting a blowjob) or mundane (a family of zombies having dinner… while falling apart)

Although we have doubts BBC has the budget to do a Jackson-directed episode on location in New Zealand, that won’t stop us from reacting to this news in the form most fitting any news shared over the internet… GIFs, y’all.