Peter Jackson Makes It Official

10.15.10 8 years ago

Despite MGM’s financial woes and the fire at Jackson’s Portsmouth Miniatures Studio, The Hobbit has finally been officially greenlit to shoot in February.  Peter Jackson has signed to direct (in addition to producing and writing) the two films.  The films will be shot back to back with a total budget of $400 million, of which TheAwl reports $30 million has already been spent just getting this off the ground.

Now their main obstacle is working out their union disputes.  They’ve already got their Hobbit holes prepared (bow chicka bow bow).  Martin Freeman is the top contender to play Bilbo if it fits around his “Sherlock” shooting schedule.  Sylvester McCoy (formerly The Doctor) may be playing Radagast the Brown.  Sir Ian McKellen will hopefully be reprising his role as Gandalf, although he did say in July that he isn’t going to wait forever.  And the way MGM’s been rolling lately, next February could turn into forever.

And because we hate going into the weekend on a post without funny pictures, we now present a cat in a wig:

This has been a cat in a wig.  Thank you, and good night.

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