Playing Criminal in Mafia Wars Lands Woman in Actual Jail

12.21.11 6 years ago

Have you ever wondered what kind of people pay actual real-world money to get ahead in “freemium” online games like Mafia Wars or Farmville? It seems ridiculous that anyone would bother, but Zynga made 600 million dollars last year, so there must be more than a few chumps out there doing it.

Well, one of those chumps was Bettysue Higgins, an administrative assistant who recently pleaded guilty to embezzling $166,000 from the law firm she worked at. Her skulduggery went undetected for years, until she got sloppy and began depositing thousands of dollars worth of forged checks directly into her personal bank account, which she would then blow on Mafia Wars and YoVille. Whoops!

Don’t be a Bettysue kids — stay away from Facebook games.

via Kotaku

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