‘Pokémon Go’ Is Already More Popular Than Tinder And Possibly Twitter

Pokémon Go launched in Australia and New Zealand on July 6, then in the U.S. the next day. Since then, it’s inspired many jokes, at least one put-upon new mother, the discovery of a body, and some crowded police stations, but perhaps no one could have predicted it would be this popular. Certainly not Nintendo and Niantic Labs, who have paused their worldwide rollout of the game because the servers can’t handle it.

How popular is Pokémon Go? According to the newest data from SimilarWeb, the augmented reality mobile game has already been downloaded on 5.16% of all Android phones in the United States as of July 8, one day after its release. For comparison, Tinder has currently been downloaded on just over 2% of Android phones.

Pokémon Go may also already have more daily active users than Twitter. The game was actively used on just over 3% of Android phones on July 8, compared to around 3.5% for Twitter. The rate of new users for Pokémon Go has been rising so quickly (people rushing to get that Pikachu starter, we bet) it may already have more active daily users than Twitter. For comparison, this data is all from one day after the game launched in the U.S., while Tinder launched in 2012 and Twitter launched in 2006.

The gangbusters popularity of the new mobile game is also doing wonders for Nintendo stock. Although the company may still be way off it’s post-Wii highs, — when the company was worth almost $80 billion — its added tremendous value in just five days. On July 6, the evening before the game launched in the U.S., the company was valued at $17.1 billion. Now it’s valued at $28 billion, a nearly 64% jump in value in less than a week’s time.

So if you were holding any Nintendo stock, you’re probably doing okay, other than possibly having to deal with teenagers laughing and taking pictures of you…

(Via SimilarWeb, Business Insider, Quartz, and shutupmikeginn)