A Pokemon Go Player Stumbled Over A Dead Body While Trying To Catch ‘Em All

Pokémon Go has barely been out a week and it’s taking the world by storm. Putting a twist on the usual antics, you find Pokémon by walking through real life spaces, finding Pokémon themed around the area you happen to be in. In turn, that’s taken players all over, from churches to fast food restaurants to public art. And that’s why Shayla Wiggins was on the Wind River, looking for water-themed Pokémon, and instead she found something horrifying.

Wiggins, according to Wyoming news sources, got up early to play the game and was walking along the Wind River when she stumbled over a dead body. Obviously taken aback at first, the teen called 911 and authorities were soon on the scene.

Calls to the Riverton, Wyoming, and Fremont County Sheriff’s Department have confirmed that, indeed, a body has been found in that rough location. It appears to be an accidental drowning instead of foul play, although any such discussion is preliminary until an autopsy is held. So, as you’re out and about with Pokémon Go, remember that you’re in the real world, and it’s got plenty of things that you should be looking for instead of a Charmander.

(via County10)