Poolsharkin’ Robot

Entertainment Editor

The handsome devils over at Willow Garage have added another awesomely useful piece of code to the open source Robot Operating System (

The PR2 won’t be hustling you in pool halls anytime soon, but it pocketed five shots on Friday before the team decided it was time to celebrate.  The Poolshark team dealt with numerous technical challenges throughout the week: engineering a special grip and bridge so the PR2 could hold the cue, a ball detector, table localization, visualizations and input tools, shot selector, and more.  A big thanks goes to Alon Altman for his open-source FastFiz billiards library.  [Willow Garage via Engadget]

So they programmed it to play pool using billiards freeware?  And yet people laughed at me back in school when I said pool and billiards were pretty much the same thing.  It’s all balls to me.  I would also shout that sentence in sex ed class.  Yearbook quote as well.

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