Portal Is Free Through Tomorrow?

If, somehow, you do not own “Portal” yet, now is the time to download it: it’s available for gratis on Steam.

No, there’s no catch. No, you don’t have to sign up for anything (well, maybe a Steam account). Yes, it’s yours to own for forever.

Why is Valve doing this? They’re actually promoting “Portal” as an educational tool. The idea is downloading the game and giving kids the level editor tools to play with is a good way to teach them about spatial relations. It’s actually a good idea: we’re sure some d-bag parent will find something objectionable about the game itself, but not the level editor.

Unless the kid comes home yelling about how when life gives you lemons, they’ll build a combustible lemon and burn life’s house down. Then we could see them maybe having an objection.

[ via the friends to all children at PCGamer ]