‘Princess Leia’ And Other Comics Of Note, Ranked, April 29

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It’s a busy week this week. Who took No. 1? Find out, as we rank this week’s notable comics!

1. Princess Leia #3



Mark Waid and Terry & Rachel Dodson continue to deliver one of the best Star Wars books Marvel puts out. Leia’s attempt to save what’s left of Alderaan takes… something of a curve, here, as traitors are revealed and it turns out not all Alderaanians are fans of their princess. It’s a straight action romp, dryly funny and rich with the spirit of the original trilogy. Definitely a must read.

2. Resident Alien: The Sam Hain Mystery #0


Dark Horse

Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse’s contemplative slow burn about an alien among us who just wants to live quietly has a great start to its new arc. It’s not action-heavy, but it’s a sharply drawn character piece and the intrigue, while low-key, is great. If you like your comics literary, this is your must-buy this week.

3. Rumble #5

rumble 5

Image Comics

John Arcudi and James Harren’s spectacularly funny story of old gods just getting by in our modern world comes to a head, with a mix of over-the-top action and a surprising amount of melancholy. It’s rare to see a book like this where the hero actually feels genuinely bad about killing someone. Hopefully this first arc is followed by many more, but even if it isn’t, it’s got a lovely, genuine, off-kilter sensibility you have to read.

4. Silver Surfer #11



Dan Slott and Mike Allred are just showing off, at this point. Essentially, this book is one long strip, detailing a time loop from multiple perspectives, with half the page upside down. Sure, it’s a stunt. But it’s an incredibly well-done stunt that’s a master class in how layout and design can work with writing in a comic book. Even if just for the sheer technical skill on display, this is a must-buy.

5. Convergence: Shazam! #1

convergence shazam

DC Comics

Jeff Parker and Evan Shaner do a superb job of capturing the spirit of Shazam while toning down or updating the goofiness of those ’40s comics just enough for them to not feel dumb. Which is pretty darn hard, actually, but makes this book an even better read.

6. Past Aways #2


Dark Horse

Matt Kindt’s dysfunctional team of time travelers pulls together to try and go home. And, they almost immediately, get their asses kicked by a giant robot. Well, you can’t say this isn’t a twist on pulp adventure. Clever and funny, especially with Scott Kolins on art, and definitely worth a look.

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