X-Men TV Show May Crossover With The Movies, Starting With Quicksilver

Earlier this week we heard a rumor Fox is in “deep development on a live-action X-Men TV show”. Now Film Divider gives a reason for why this has stayed in development for quite some time: Fox isn’t sure which characters to include, considering they want to keep the show in a shared universe with the movies. If they don’t include popular characters, they’ll lose the audience. If they include ones from the movies, audiences might get sick of seeing them, tanking the chances for the various lucrative film spin-offs.

Their solution to this problem, according to Film Divider, is to include a character who was a highlight in X-Men: Days Of Future Past, who sparked a meme, who has a new Instagram account to promote the films, and for whom there is another version on screen competing for name recognition: Quicksilver. Why not remind people he’s not just one of The Avengers, but also a mutant? They may even make the show a period piece and have Evan Peters reprise the role. It wouldn’t be unusual for Peters to be on TV, considering his work in American Horror Story and the even more horrifying Carl’s Jr ad.

But what about those rumors the show would be based on Peter David’s X-Factor run, starring Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man), and be somewhat like Fringe? That’s still a possibility if this is a period piece with Quicksilver in the line-up. Quicksilver was in X-Factor, and this would also bring in Polaris and Havok. Film Divider also suggested there may be a female lead if Madrox isn’t the star.

Well, whoever the breakout star of this show ends up being, if it gets made, we just hope they can finally explain why this Quicksilver looks like Jack White in an alternate dimension where everyone has sex with robots.

Via Screenrant