Red Dead Redemption Condones Irish Drunks and Invisible Horses

05.21.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

“I was real drunk. You know how it is.” was my mom’s senior quote.

In case you’re like my grandfather and have been living under a rock for the past week (technically he was buried there), let me bring you up to speed in the world of video gaming: Tuesday, Rockstar Games released Red Dead Redemption and it’s pretty much changed forever the way you sit around in your underwear.

Anyway, now Ireland’s Evening Herald newspaper is trying to sh-t all over everyone else’s parade. Apparently a character in the video game is being labeled as an offensive stereotype. Why they would think this -I have no idea? The character in question is portrayed as the resident town drunk and his name is “Irish”…wait, that could look pretty bad, I guess.

RED [sic] Dead Redemption is the biggest video game in 10 years but eager Irish gamers may be in for a nasty surprise.

The stereotype of the drunken Paddy will again be taken advantage of, as the game’s town drunk is called “Irish”.

On a popular gaming forum, the “Irish” character is described as “the town drunk. Usually found stumbling around and getting into trouble with sober townsfolk while attempting to talk his way out”. []

Rockstar Games is really no stranger to controversy. Its highly successful Grand Theft Auto franchise has been under fire from critics ever since its games were first introduced on the original Sony Playstation.

Also in Red Dead news today: INVISIBLE HORSES! In what’s being described as a glitch, online players are experiencing “horselessness“, which as scarring as that may sound, looks incredibly hilarious when experienced. Personally, I’ve caught this hiccup several times since the game released on Tuesday and if you ask me, the goof seems like the result of Rockstar’s online server being slammed full with an unanticipated number of gamers. I figure either that’s the case or black magic is somehow to blame. I’m not sure though, I mean what do I look like, a f–king wizard?

Crotch thrust to kotaku for the tip and epicponyz for the video.

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