Reddit Covered MST3K’s ‘Let’s Have A Patrick Swayze Christmas’ And It’s Wonderful

12.05.13 4 years ago 7 Comments
My apologies to the Swayze Estate.

My apologies to the Swayze Estate.

One of the problems with Christmas songs is that there are so damnably few of them. Every year, we’re consigned to a aural hell that consists of “Sleigh Ride” being played on repeat as muzak and the same five novelty singles from the ’50s being played everywhere you go. So Reddit, and Joel Hodgson, have attempted to rectify this, with the best Christmas carol of all.

Yes, It’s A Patrick Swayze Christmas has finally gotten the chorale version it deserves. And it’s even got a special seal of approval:

One really hopes the choir got paid for this, because we’re assuming that this took forever to shoot due to cracking up. Just for contrast, here’s the original:

While this is sadly lacking in the single best insult in the history of cinema, it’s still a joyous sentiment that we can all get behind in this, the most festive and sharing season of all. Just remember to be nice, until it’s time to not be nice.

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