Redditors May Have Found An 'Ewok Sex Den'

Back in high school, I spent a summer working as a contractor’s assistant, which mostly meant I spent the summer shoveling out the crap of people who got evicted from crappy apartments. It was a job that was alternately sad and disgusting, as you might find yourself throwing out some wedding photos the one minute and some martial aids the next. So I’m less than surprised that Redditors went into an abandoned house and found, in their words, an “Ewok sex den.”

The abandoned house in question, carefully documented on Imgur, appears to feature two homemade Ewok costumes, with the crotch carefully cut out of them. And no, they’re definitely not generic “teddy bears”; if you go to the link and scroll through, you’ll definitely recognize the two Ewoks these outfits were meant to evoke. Also, you’ll feel your childhood burning, right inside yourself!

Visiting the Reddit thread is an education in of itself, as a bunch of furries promptly show up and state that the people having sex in Ewok costumes would not be furries because furries would be turned off by such shoddy costumes. That went about as well as you’d expect.

It’s true that these could simply be the “fly”, so to speak, of these costumes, and that the people wearing them went around with pants underneath their outfits, although a quick search of Ewok cosplay yielded little other than lots of women in fur bikinis and babies in fuzzy onesies, now unknowingly forever unclean. But really, where’s the fun in being logical when confronted with used fursuits abandoned in a creepy house?

Via Reddit