Report: Andrew Garfield Is Out After Sony/Marvel ‘Spider-Man’ Deal

While Marvel fans are dancing in their pajamas thanks to the news that Spider-Man will head to the Marvel Movie Universe, multiple reports are indicating that this isn’t a great night for Andrew Garfield, the actor who played Peter Parker in Sony’s most recent Spider-Man films and who most had assumed would continue to play the character in the near future.

If Garfield is truly out, this opens up the possibility that Marvel and Sony might opt to park Peter Parker and introduce Ultimate Spider-Man comic series star Miles Morales to live action fans, something that might be welcomed after the release of five Peter Parker-led films over the last thirteen years. Though, doing that would fly in the face of continuity as it pertains to the Civil War story in the comics (assuming that’s the Marvel Movie Universe film where Spidey lands first), but that’s not necessarily an insurmountable problem.

Regardless of if the powers that be choose to go with Morales or Parker, the role will be highly coveted, and the casting rumors will surely be fast and furious.

As for Garfield, it might be fair to wonder if he’s an unfortunate scapegoat and a victim of the desire for a fresh start. With that said, he’s currently set to work on Silence by Martin Scorsese, so he’s going to be fine.

(Source: THR, Variety, The Wrap)