Ridley Scott Returns To Blade Runner

08.18.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

Deadline reports Ridley Scott is producing and directing “a new installment” of his iconic 1982 film Blade Runner, and since it’s a new installment this probably means they won’t be bringing back Sean Young’s crazy ass or Harrison Ford’s stoned-off-his-ass ass (that’s a lot of heiny for one sentence). The original film — Has it been nearly 30 years already? — took place in L.A. in 2019, which may end up being the same year this movie is finally finished at the pace things move in Hollywood. The movie was based on Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and followed Richard Deckard (Harrison Ford) hunting down replicants and falling in love with one of them while possibly being a replicant himself and possibly dying depending on which cut of the film you saw. It was “several popped collars” cool.

The film is in very early stages now. There’s no script or even a writer yet as far as we know. Scott is also revisiting another seminal movie of his from three decades ago: 1979’s Alien. He’s currently working on 3D film Prometheus, which is based in the same universe as Alien and was written by friend to the polar bears Damon Lindelof. Some might not be happy he’s revisiting his beloved movies from 30 years ago, but would you rather he make Robin Hood 2: Back in da Hood? Once was enough.

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