‘Rosemary’s Baby’ Has New Clips With Extra Cheese

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05.07.14 5 Comments


Let’s just get this out of the way: Rosemary’s Baby doesn’t need to be remade, and turning it into a four-hour miniseries promises to be a cheesefest. The only question that remains is whether it will be a dull cheesefest or a highly entertaining one. So far, signs point to this thing being highly entertaining, albeit unintentionally.

First up, here’s a clip featuring Zoe Saldana discovering either her baby is the spawn of Satan and unable to handle the bones of the blessed. Or she’s got gas. Could go either way:

Next up, there’s this clip, which is all about Google Image Search. No, seriously.

To give you an idea of how unsubtle this is going to be (and also how little they understand how Google actually works), take a look at that Google image search again, full of “strange images”:

rosemarys baby gis

Whoever this guy is, apparently Google thinks he has ties to Kim Jong Il, the Nazis so much so that Hitler and a Nazi propaganda poster both appear, Stalin, Lizzie Borden, and that guy with the bowler in the lower right hand corner might be notorious serial killer H.H. Holmes. Oh, also some clip art of gold, not to mention Edgar Allen Poe and Charles Darwin. They even sandwich Darwin right between two mass murderers. Subtle.

Also notice that a headshot of the guy she’s talking to turns up in the results. Foreshadowing!

So, accurate it isn’t, cheesy it is. And, God willing, entertaining it will be. Although really, NBC, you couldn’t just ask Bryan Fuller to pull double duty?

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