Ryan Reynolds Delivers the Lantern Corps Oath

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07.27.10 4 Comments

Warner Brothers has released the first four official posters for Green Lantern, which look a hell of a lot better than the EW scans.   This is also the first look at Sinestro (Mark Strong) and Hector Hammond (Peter Saaaarsgaaaard).  Which is really just an excuse to post the two videos below, taken at the San Diego Comic-Con.  An adorable little Green Lantern fan (who hopefully steered clear of the free candy) asked Ryan Reynolds, “What does it feel like to say the Green Lantern oath.”  Reynolds answered “Like warm apple pie, man” by delivering the oath on the spot, and I instinctively threw a bra at the screen.  I wasn’t wearing one, but I found one anyway.  He’s that good.

Question starts at 1:30 of the first video:

Since the video cut out before the question was completely done, here’s some shakeycam footage of it:

[pics via SuperHeroHype, videos via io9]

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