You Can Play “Saints Row The Third” As A Talking Toilet (VIDEOS)

12.02.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

The toilet humor of Saints Row 3 is about to get literal. One of the rewards you get when completing the game is a playable character that is literally a toilet, as seen in the gameplay videos below. This is still less strange than their Tim and Eric episode. Rather than making everyone wait till the end of the game, a member of the Saints Row 3 community site added the toilet character to their available downloads. PCGamer explains how to get your hands all over this toilet (eww, Purell afterwards).

Visit the Toilet character page and click “Add to queue”. Then, when creating a new character at the start of the game or via one of the city’s cosmetic surgery shops, select the option to connect to It’ll hook up with your account on that site, and a short while after you added it to your queue, the toilet will be available to select. Enjoy!

Oh, I will enjoy. And my enemies will soon understand and despair that a toilet can ride a motorcycle and pull a trigger.

If the video below isn’t displaying, it’s available at PCGamer.

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