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LatinoReview is reporting that Universal has to decide today which eight movies are going to be their big eight films for 2011.  They have fourteen ready with scripts and directors, and have to narrow it down from there. If you were wondering if Hollywood is still trying make Sam Worthington happen, and if they’re still riding Twilight‘s fanbase like a quadriplegic bull at the saddest rodeo in the world, wonder no more:

But the craziest one is called DRACULA: YEAR ZERO.  Yes I know, un titulo de mierda. This is a period retelling of Dracula.  Like back in Transylvania and sh*t.  Vampires and Vlad the impaler.  You know, Van Helsing without that dial a hack Sommers.  Because Dracula worked out so well in Blade: Trinity. And I think there was a Dracula 2000 . . . but I don’t know who saw it.

Check it though, you know who is supposed to play Dracula? Sam Worthington! That’s right, the newly minted “movie star” who everybody paid to see in Avatar.  Except they didn’t pay to see him now did they?

The film, if greenlighted, would likely have a budget in excess of $100 million, with Mike De Luca (Blade II, Ghost Rider, The Love Guru) set to produce and Alex Proyas (Knowing; I, Robot) set to direct.  If they’re going to spend that much on a vampire movie, the only thing I want to see is Robert Downey Jr. as Blacula.  Let’s do this.

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