Sandman TV Series Happening? Maybe?

03.25.11 7 years ago

First, it looks like we might actually get a Preacher movie, what other hugely popular comic from the ’90s can get an adaptation well after the fandom has moved on to other things? Oh, right, “Sandman.”

Neil Gaiman recently blogged about, well, lots of stuff: the new Good Omens adaptation, how apparently a lot of random “Neverwhere” stuff is happening in Chicago, the “Doctor Who” episode he wrote, and in the middle of it mentioned that he and DC had rejected a TV show pitch from “Supernatural”‘s Eric Kripke. Also that he thinks he’ll be listening to a lot of TV pitches for “Sandman” this year.

As tiresome as Gaiman’s fans can get on the Internet, I do think a Sandman series would be interesting. It’ll be interesting to see what, if any, pitch they choose and what, if any, network picks it up.

[ via Neil Gaiman’s blog ]

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