Santa’s Heat-Packing Elves Don’t Want Any Trouble In The Latest ‘Doctor Who Christmas Special’ Trailer

Though there are times when the Doctor Who Christmas Special fails to live up to the hype, the bottom line is that it’s still a fresh episode of Doctor Who and it’s still something that will stop me from staring at the dancing flames of the yule log on Christmas while wondering what my fat ass is going to do with an Abercrombie gift card. Also, this year, there’s Santa Claus and he’s being played by Nick Frost, so everything is swell.

Speaking of Nick Frost, we get to see a bit of (read this next bit slowly) Santa’s sass as he walks into a room following his entourage of slinkys, robo-friends, and gun-toting elves to tell the Doctor what’s up in this latest trailer for the special from the BBC.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are creatures in said room that look like (again, slowly) emo Oods. So what’s up with that? I suppose we’ll get the answer to that question and many others like, “How drunk can my uncle get?” and “Do my parents still love me?” on Christmas.

Source: YouTube