Scarlett Johansson Does Drugs And Shoots Everybody In This ‘Lucy’ Red Band Clip

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07.09.14 10 Comments

Lucy features Scarlett Johansson as the titular Lucy, a regular woman who is used as a drug mule against her will. These aren’t any regular drugs though. They’re awesome superpower-granting drugs, and when a bag breaks off inside her, sh*t gets real, as seen in the borderline-NSFW (for violence) clip above. (Trailer here.)

If the style seems familiar, that’s because this is written and directed by Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, The Professional, and La Femme Nikita). Besson loves filming women kicking ass, and I love him for it.

And sure, the movie premise is based on the myth of her using “more than 10% of her brain”, but it also has Morgan Freeman being all mentor-y and Scarlett Johansson being all Black Widow-y, so I can forgive the shoddy science this time.

Universal seems to be okay with the premise as well, they’ve moved the US release date forward to July 25th, and they’ve also just announced this will be released internationally in IMAX starting August 8th. So don’t let anyone tell you drugs are always bad.


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