Scientists Use Science To Prove Scientists Are Sexist

09.21.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

Science is absolutely objective. It is done by the careful and unbiased collection of data and meticulous analysis of that data to come to a considered conclusion.

Unfortunately for scientists, who are human like the rest of us, that can loop around and bite them on the ass, like a new study which essentially demonstrates scientists are sexist when it comes to job hiring.

Especially that part when they found a bunch of scientists in the study had been turning down female applicants to “help a researcher I know replicate the results.” Dick move, guys.

Researchers at Yale conducted a double-blind study which was a fairly straightforward hiring scenario:

To test scientist’s reactions to men and women with precisely equal qualifications, the researchers did a randomized double-blind study in which academic scientists were given application materials from a student applying for a lab manager position. The substance of the applications were all identical, but sometimes a male name was attached, and sometimes a female name.

As you might have guessed, scientists were, uh, douchebags. Female resumes were rated lower in competence and hireability, and just to rub it in, the scientists said they were less likely to mentor these stupid women with their vaginas and their interest in advancing the human race. Probably because of, like, babies, amirite? The really depressing thing was that men and women both gave these low ratings, proving that being a douche truly knows no gender.

The most damning, though, was the starting salary. Apparently having a penis is worth nearly five grand more than a vagina in the scientific world.

This is usually the point where people start talking about “intrisic ability”, because having a dong means you’re better able to trigger a chemical reaction or isolate a particle. But it’s embarrassing. Scientists, of all people, should be making an effort to be objective.

Rationality is very disappointed in you, scientists.

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