See, THIS Is How You Do An Iron Man Cartoon

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12.20.13 9 Comments


Animation was, even in the days of the dreaded Marvel curse, a bright spot for the House of Ideas. But sometimes the fans just do it better. Like Anthony McGrath, an animator at Evolution Studio, who cut together something that will be passed off as an Iron Man 4 trailer, no doubt.

Essentially, it’s a short subject about why you don’t fire missiles at Tony Stark. Because Tony Stark always has his Iron Man armor. Always.

Or if you just want the highlight in GIF form:


McGrath actually did most of this himself, if you examine the credits, although he did have some help with the modeling and one or two people pitched in elsewhere. But mostly we find ourselves wondering why this guy doesn’t already have a job at Marvel. OK, so it likely took McGrath a lot of time to properly animate and render this, and it’s a minute and a half of animation, but who wouldn’t buy an entire movie of this? Or watch an animated series? Or buy a “Tony Stark Car Armor” toy?

At the very least, he should be thrown some cash so he can put the AC/DC song that was obviously removed from the credits back in. It’s just not Iron Man without heavy metal.

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