Sim City 5 is Almost Certainly Happening. While We Wait For the Official Announcement, Check Out This Leaked Concept Art

02.29.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

I loved me some Sim City back in the day — Sim City 2000 was pretty much the sole reason I wanted a computer back in the early-90s. The series has been on a pretty serious decline for a while though — the last major game in the series was Sim City 4, which came out almost a decade ago in 2003.
Well, good news for fans of zoning and laying water pipes — EA’s been dropping a ton of hints lately that a Sim City 5 unveiling is imminent. About a week ago they promised there’d be a major EA/Maxis announcement at the upcoming Game Developers Conference, and Maxis has posted job ads for people looking to work on a “triple-A simulation style game”. GDC takes place March 5th to 9th, so we don’t have long to wait before things are confirmed.
Until then, we have some seemingly legit leaked concept art for the game, which you can check out after the jump…

via StickTwiddlers
images via NeoGaf
This shot looks a lot more old-timey than the rest. Could your city go through multiple time periods like in the Civilization series?
I think we’re not supposed to like the looks of the city in the speech-bubble on the right, but it kind of looks like it’s made of chocolate.
Mmmm, traffic management.
Are those…curved roads? Too much excitement!
Thank goodness — you can still build the marina.

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