Simon Pegg Doesn’t Know Who’s Playing The Hobbit

10.19.10 8 years ago

Man, the supposedly back-on-track Hobbit movie has been pretty crazy lately, what with almost every acting guild and union boycotting it, no one officially cast, and the whole property only just greenlit. But now, Hobbit fans have been gleefully posting that Martin Freeman has been signed on to play the titular role of Bilbo Baggins, based on a quote from Simon Pegg. But unfortunately, it’s not true and he doesn’t know anything more than the rest of us.

The confusion came from a recent interview with Pegg in the UK paper The Guardian:

And he enjoys a good giggle on relating the news that Martin Freeman has been cast in the lead role in The Hobbit, the prospect of his friend having to endure the sci-fi convention circuit absolutely delighting him. “Martin’s the anti-me: a soul aficionado and a vinyl junkie – absolutely not a resident of the geek universe. Not the type of person who will relish the attention he’ll get for being Bilbo Baggins. Ha!”
Now, Freeman has been rumored to be up for the role for a while and that quote would seem to say that he knew that Freeman definitely had the part. But Pegg posted a followup on his twitter, saying:
“Woah, woah, woah I did NOT confirm Martin Freeman was in The Hobbit. As far as I know, talks are ongoing. Hope he is. Great choice.”
So, once again, we don’t know anything about what’s going on with The Hobbit, although maybe Freeman’s still in talks about it. Possibly. Kinda. Who knows?

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