Simon Pegg Really, Really Hates The ‘Star Wars’ Prequels

Simon Pegg sat down with MTV for some promotional magic ahead of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and the topic of Star Wars came up. We are well aware of Pegg’s past history as a fan of the series and his involvement in The Force Awakens (which you can enjoy in the wonderful Star Wars Comic Con video if you happened to miss it), so the folks at MTV didn’t beat around the bush and waste time getting his rankings.

Pegg set fire to the prequels in under a minute, giving a fine reason to rank Attack of the Clones at the very bottom (which I agree with following a recent slog through the series) and then following a fairly traditional path through the rest of the films. You also have to give Phantom Menace a little boost because Darth Maul was pretty cool, even if he got jobbed out by George Lucas. The spiky headed dude managed to take out the guy from Taken, after all, and that’s after he saved those Jews from the Nazis.

It’s a fine time to relive one of the best moments from Pegg’s career, mostly because we manage to get a fine reference to Krull and Hawk The Slayer wedged in there.

(Via MTV)