‘Sin City 2: Sin Harder’ Delayed To Next Summer

06.18.13 5 years ago 5 Comments


Sin City 2 has been taking a long, long, loooooooong time getting to the big screen. It’s been in the works since about 2006, and seemed dead at a few points, but thankfully all involved came together and actually made the movie. And apparently they will keep making it, because it’s just been delayed nearly a year.

Dimension Films, distributing the movie, pretty much just said, yeah, it’s delayed. Needless to say, some digging has turned up why, precisely. Fortunately it’s not because the movie stinks, or at least nobody involved thinks it stinks: This is the guy who turned out Planet Terror, after all.

I have been told that this delay is for effects work and not at all representative of the quality of the film or the confidence Dimension has in it. Robert Rodriguez is also notorious for how involved he is with the post production process and he has Machete Kills coming in September so I bet he just needs more time to finish the film.

Considering the whole thing was shot on green screens, one would imagine the effects work would be fairly extensive, although you’d think Rodriguez would delegate. Either way, it’s nice to know they’re taking their time with the movie; we just hope, since Frank Miller wrote an original story for the script, that he wasn’t too distracted by ridiculous political slapfights with Alan Moore.

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