Singapore Scientists Bring “The Matrix” Closer to Reality

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04.30.10 6 Comments

We all remember that ridiculous speech from “The Matrix”, about how the machine are using human beings as batteries. At the time, this was patently ridiculous; a human being didn’t generate that much electricity! And so what about the body heat! There was no practical way to turn that into electricity! Science does not work that way!

Well, it does now, thanks to scientists from Singapore.  The device on your right, in addition to powering some heavy duty nightmares about robot squids and disappointing sequels, is a MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) device, that substantially improves how much electricity can be generated from body heat.  Even better/worse, it was designed to be manufactured on a large scale on pre-existing factory lines, so instead of having to create new factories to turn out this wonder device, factories can just turn it out like any other microchip.

The applications are currently viewed as medical right now, as this thing can only put out microwatts of power.  So they’re thinking of hooking it up to pacemakers, internal sensors, and other medical machines that only need small amounts of power.  But at least they’re not researching how to make crushing robot tentacles . . . that would be the guys over at Festo we reported on earlier in the month.

Crap in a hat.  We’re just going to move to the Earth’s core now, get the good real estate before all the preselected hippies show up.


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