Skeletor Destroys Self-Esteem In This Supercut Of His Best Insults

He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe is a strange show to revisit for many reasons, but not the least of them is the fact that clearly, the writing staff had a “Skeletor Insult Generator.” No, really, watch this supercut found by Kotaku and see if you disagree.

It’s kind of funny that Skeletor could basically call everybody a “boob” in the ’80s. Now the Parent’s Television Council would coordinate an angry letter-writing campaign that the word makes them think of breasts, and won’t somebody think of the whiny people who probably don’t even have children?

As for why Skeletor was so insult-happy, although tidbits are hard to find about the show, we do know that behind the scenes, it was a rather bizarre affair. J. Michael Stracyznski fondly recalls ignoring everything the sponsors and the psychologists they hired told them and Paul Dini admits that the staff took full advantage of the fact that nobody cared what the writers put together as long as it arrived on time.

Yes, they both wrote for this cartoon. Explains a lot, huh? But at least, in the end, we know Skeletor became a happier, more open-minded, and centered individual. Really, that’s what’s most important.