This Terrifying Fan Film Reimagines ‘SkiFree’ As A Gory Horror Movie

SkiFree was arguably the first game in the infinite runner genre. A simple game programmed by Microsoft engineer Chris Pirih for his own amusement, it shipped with early versions of Windows and became a beloved little time waster in offices and schools around the world. In fact, it was first seen because Pirih’s manager busted him playing it when he should have been working. Of course, the fun hinges on the idea that you don’t think about the horrifying implications of being attacked and eaten by wildlife.

Good thing Andrew McMurry decided to do it for us! In this 30-second horror movie, a bunch of skiers attempt to get down the slopes. But there’s a yeti lurking in the woods, and none of them are going fast enough to escape.  We’ll note that the original game is not quite as gory as McMurry’s reimagining, but at least you don’t trip over that damn kid skiing across the trail.

If you were wondering, you can revisit SkiFree any time you like. Pirih has reengineered it so it’ll work on modern computers (since the original was programmed for 16-bit devices). Just try not to think about the screams as your skier disappears down that yeti’s gullet.

(Via YouTube)