So, What's Bryan Singer's Next TV Show?

Senior Contributor

Bryan Singer, beloved by nerds everywhere for the two good “X-Men” movies and hated by nerds with no appreciation for the finer things in life for “Superman Returns”, is going back to the small screen…sort of.

Singer is producing a short series (just two and a half hours) called “H +”. In the future, injecting a computer into your brain is really popular. Then some evil entity, we’re guessing 4Chan, creates a computer virus that kills millions for the lulz, and massive social and political changes result.

So where can you see it? A better question would be where can’t you see it, actually. “H +” will be distributed “multi-platform”, although the press release we got had more jargon than details. Still, from what we could figure out, the idea is that “H +” will be everywhere; on TV, on demand, on your cell phone, in your pants, anywhere you go, it will be with you, just like that kinda creepy song by the Australian chick with the breathy voice.

Oh, they’re also doing this with a McG series, which is “Alias” with teenagers. It’s called “Aim High”. The jokes, we’re sure, will write themselves.

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