Somebody Call Fox News! Those Anti-Americans At Fox Just Cancelled ‘Independence Day’ 3D!

11.26.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

3D re-releases! Any movie that a) was popular in the 90s and b) features computer generated things leaping/trusting toward the screen has a 3D re-release in the works.

Independence Day was of course on the re-release list because, c’mon, it’s as 90s-ish and things leaping at the screen-ey as movies get. I said, “was” in the previous sentence, because surprisingly 20th Century Fox have cancelled their Independence Day 3D plans.

No word on the logic behind this decision — perhaps Independence Day’s effects were no longer up to snuff? They certainly haven’t aged anywhere near well as, say, the dinos of Jurassic Park (whose 3D re-release is still on). Or maybe the 3D re-release fad is fading? Seems unlikely since they’re pretty much free money for Hollywood, but who knows?

Regardless, next Independence Day you’re going to have to settle for being welcomed to Earf by a mere two dimensions worth of Will Smith. Jeff Goldblum on the other hand is never not in 3D.

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